Seychelles Tourism to promote more visits to the archipelago’s national parks


(Posted 20th September 2017)

With more than half of its landmass dedicated to conservation has the Seychelles the largest percentage of any country set aside to promote biodiversity and afford a fragile environment protection.
While no doubt the archipelago’s marine national parks are better known has the national park authority, launched in 2009, now set its eyes on attracting more tourists to the four parks, the Morne Seychellois National Park on Mahe, the Praslin National Park, the Silhouette National Park – launched in 2010 by then President James Alix Michel – and the Veuve Reserve on the island of La Digue.
Another reserve, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Vallee de Mai, on the island of Praslin, is already the most visited attraction across the islands but is run by the Seychelles Island Foundation unlike the other four national parks which fall under the jurisdiction of the Seychelles National Park Authority.

Mr. Joubert, the CEO of SNPA, has according to sources from Victoria expressed his organization’s desire to partner with the tourism private sector in an attempt to bring more tourists to the park where they can explore the raw beauty of the island’s forests in particular when hiking through the Morne National Park on Mahe. Already are many tourists visiting Venn’s Town from where a grand view across the island and the ocean await visitors besides the history lesson Venn’s Town offers – incidentally also a site which awaits UNESCO’s decision to make it a World Heritage Site too.
SNPA has also announced that a set of new maps will be published in due course as efforts to crank up the marketing of the terrestrial parks are underway.

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