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Dear ATC Readers,


The Conservation Alliance of Kenya invites you a CAK Voices in Conservation talk, hosted by African Wildlife Foundation entitled:

Wildlife Trends in Kenya and Implications for the future

  • Dr. Joseph O. Ogutu; Senior Statistician at Biostatistics Unit, Institute of Crop Science, University of Hohenheim; and
  • Dr. Mohammed Y. Said; Ecologist and GIS Expert

Venue: African Wildlife Foundation, Nairobi

Date and time: Tuesday 26th September, 2017; from 8:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. — with a tea break and Q&A period.

Dr. Ogutu will cover the topic of trends of wildlife and historical changes in climate, and its implications for biodiversity, while presenting a case study of Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.

Dr. Said will present on climate projections and its impact on biodiversity and habitat.

Please confirm your attendance with a reply here .

We look forward to seeing you at the talk!
Call to Action:
Launch of a public consultation on ivory trade by the European Commission

From the European Commission, please find below the link to the public consultation that the European Commission (DG Environment) launched last Friday in relation to ivory trade – the consultation is available in English and will soon also be published in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese:


The consultation runs until the 8th December and your input and feedback will be invaluable!


Gaël de Rotalier
Team leader – wildlife trade
European Commission
DG Environment
Unit for Multilateral Environmental Cooperation
Avenue Beaulieu, 9
B-1160 Brussels
+32 2 295 75 73

… to read more, download the full report on Wildlife and Livestock Deaths Investigation at Mugie Ranch.
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