Fly or else does #Zimbabwe CAA tell #FlyAfrica owners


(Posted 27th September 2017)

Only a few days ago was the question asked here if the so called new FlyAfrica will be like the old FlyAfrica, about which much was reported here in late 2015.

Now are reports emerging that the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe is running out of patience and has according to a usually well informed source told the airline that unless they commence flights by the end of this week, they risk losing their licences.
Sentiments were voiced here at a very early stage about the use of a name which the flying public came to hate, when after taking their ticket money no flights took place leaving many wannabe passengers stranded at the time, some still waiting for their refunds to this day.

It also appears that the IATA two letter code for FlyAfrica was ‘repossessed‘ by IATA and given to another airline since then, casting further doubts on the airline’s attempt to get airborne – after spending considerable money to launch vis a vis aircraft leases, office leases and more, not that the new owners had not been warned to better use another name and start afresh altogether.
What possessed the new owners to try revived the bad name of FlyAfrica of old will probably remain a mystery forever and points to their failure to get proper advice both in operational and legal terms.
There has been speculation if the foreign based minority owners of the old FlyAfrica were trying to make some money by selling the name, something now before court in Harare it is understood after the local majority shareholders of the old FlyAfrica accused their erstwhile partners of yet more mischief.

Whichever way this sordid saga will play out only time will tell but for now all indications are that the venture may fail and remain on the ground instead of taking to the air.

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