The #Kalahari, the #Okavango, #Zanzibar and iPhone pics

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Sudan in pictures

The beauty of this wild and untouched country

How to create a game reserve

And how tourism plays an integral part in conservation

iPhone photography tips

OAs technology gets more advanced, the quality of photos taken on our smart phones are beginning to rival those of digital cameras

Trails of a legend

German photographer and filmmaker Christoph Tänzer tells us about his journey through the Kalahari Desert, following in the footsteps of David Livingstone

Shaping the continent, part 4: Ancestral voices

The many and varied languages that grace the land

A villa in Mozambique

Stay in a unique seaside villa on the Machangulo peninsula

Birding hotspots in Namibia

Etosha has a bird list of over 350 species, and summer is the best time to visit

How things have changed!

Lex Hes describes the changes over the last 20 years from a guiding perspective

Five reasons to volunteer in Zanzibar

It’s a fun and rewarding experience

Flying the Okavango

A visit to Botswana, without visiting the Okavango, is a sin, says Jenny Bowen

Overgrown Eden

Natalie Dumont de Chassart takes us to Zimbabwe’s Umfurudzi Park

We’re ridiculously addicted to this!

Zambia’s first live streaming webcam

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