Sovereign Hotels pull Eka and Ol Tukai from their website


(Posted 07th October 2017)

As reported here before in a breaking news development at the time had the Pearl of Africa Hotel’s new management company purported to also manage several properties in Kenya, among them the Ol Tukai Lodge in Amboseli and the Eka Hotel in Nairobi.
After ascertaining that there was no association between these two properties and Sovereign, and alerting the owners to that effect, did according to a source close to Manrik Hotels, the new umbrella company looking also after the Kibo Villa in Amboseli, confirm that demands were made to take down the misleading claims from the Sovereign website immediately.
This has now taken place, though taken longer than should have been the case, revealing that indeed Sovereign at their launch in Kampala made misleading statements about the number of properties they are involved in.
The reaction from other Kampala hoteliers was predictable, pouring cold water over how professional such a company can be which has to resort to unfounded claims over their portfolio, also of course casting doubts over the future of Sovereign in Kampala, now that everyone knows what the company has been up to.
General Manager Mike Jameson had told journalists during a tour of the still to be fully completed Pearl of Africa Hotel, that Sovereign Hotels was managing a score of five star hotels in South Africa and Kenya, something which given these latest developments now turns out to be a bit a myth. It has since then also transpired that the Amber Hotel which Sovereign claims to manage, is in fact going under the franchise of the Hilton Double Tree brand in the very near future, raising yet more questions why that hotel does appear on the Sovereign website.

Also taken off the website, predictably, was the Swahili Beach Resort in Diani which had also immediately denied any current involvement with Sovereign although at one stage there was a consulting engagement which according to the Swahili Beach owners however did not work out and has long since been dissolved.
As this story develops further be sure to watch this space for additional updates in due course.

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