Alain St. Ange elected to head the newly formed Seychelles Labour Union


(Posted 08th October 2017)

A major political earthquake took place in the Seychelles earlier this week when, unbeknown to even this usually well informed correspondent, the new Seychelles Labour Union was born.
The workers who came to the Savoy Hotel were from all walks of life, not just the hotel and tourism industry with notably ranging from teachers to health workers, from stevedore workers to landscape gardeners, to musicians and entertainers, office workers, taxi drivers, truck drivers and even small shop owners.

It was Alain St.Ange, Paul Chow, Bernard Port-Louis and Peter Sinon who opened the meeting with short addresses to explain broad objectives and the reasons for the creation of a politically independent Union. Recognise, Respect and Remunerate workers equals a responsible workforce was the theme discussed and adopted as the motto of the SLU.
Political Independence: The history of Trade Unions in Seychelles has thus far been a strong liaison between the Unions and political parties. SLU makes a new departure as the very first independent Trade Union in this new era. Peter Sinon informed the founding members of his resignation as a Central Committee Member of Parti Lepep for the district of Au Cap to ensure the independence of the leadership of the Union.

Partnerships & Solidarity: SLU declared its willingness to liaise and cooperate with all like-minded institutions that have to do with the welfare and working conditions and environment of the Seychelles workforce. Solidarity for a strong and effective collective bargaining of the workforce is key for success.

Communication, Awareness and Information sharing: These were deemed as critical factors of success and for member/workers education. Thus a monthly SLU Newsletter will be launched.

Membership Contribution: It was agreed that membership contribution of the Union will be SCR25 per month. However, if one choses to pay an annual contribution he/she will benefit from a two month discount and rather than SCR300 they will only pay SCR250.

Operating location of the Union: Members were assured that it will be in Victoria and soon the specific office space will be confirmed.

Election of Office Bearers of the Seychelles Labor Union:

The following office bearers with designated responsibilities were elected and nine Executive Committee Members were also duly nominated and subsequently elected by show of hand by all present. This founding group of elected officials will be revisited at the next meeting in December when SLU will be opting to have Executive Committee Members to represent the different groups of workers and the self-employed.

The complete Executive Committee of the SLU comprises of the following:

– A. St.Ange President
– H. Anthony Vice – President
– P. Sinon Secretary General
– C. Savy Treasurer
– M-F Marie Secretary

Executive Committee Members:

  • B. Port-Louis
  • S. Sultan
  • D. Nancy
  • S. Ademe
  • G. Sopha
  • D. Hoareau
  • E. De Stefani
  • A. Poussou
  • A. Adonis

Alain St.Ange explained that the Seychelles Labor Union (SLU) will work for the betterment of working conditions as well as working to ensure the right conditions to work for those who are employing workers and venturing as self-employed entrepreneurs. The SLU will be working to be associated with other important Trade Unions of the World to benefit from their experience and support.

Alain St.Ange emphasised that the SLU makes a new departure as the very first Independent Trade Union and is not affiliated with party politics as he congratulated the movement’s founding members present coming from across the political divide for being present. Today the Government of the day can propose a new regulation that can better the lives of Seychellois who are employed and also for those who venture out by being what is today called the self-employed. The Opposition in the Seychelles National Assembly can also, on their part, propose a Private Members Bill if and when they feel there is the need to bring about better conditions for the citizens of the country. This they have successfully shown can be done when they took up the issue for the Offshore Sector and their Private Members Bill which was duly assented to by the Head of State.

Meanwhile was Alain St. Ange honoured for the work he did over the past decade in various capacities for the archipelago’s tourism industry.
It was at the 2017 Seychelles Ball that Alain St.Ange, the former Minister for Tourism and Culture & Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine received a certificate of recognition for the contribution he has made while leading this primary sector of the economy and also for his continued contribution towards the betterment of this industry.

The Certificate of Recognition says: ‘The Seychelles Tourism Board proudly recognises Mr Alain St.Ange for his valuable contribution to Seychelles’ Tourism Industry as Seychelles Tourism Board Director of Marketing and Chief Executive Officer and as Seychelles Minister of Tourism‘.

It was Minister Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, the new Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine of Seychelles who presented the immediate former Minister Alain St.Ange with his Certificate of Recognition.
Congratulations from this correspondent on this occasion which will no doubt be joined by the over 1.6 million readers of ATC News.

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