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Dear ATC Readers,

Following Kenya’s long period of drought, it was with great relief that the country recently welcomed some good rains and Segera was transformed into a lush and green haven for wildlife.

I’m delighted to share with you a few updates from Segera. Thank you for your ongoing support and interest.

Jochen Zeitz
Owner of Segera and Founder of the Zeitz Foundation

Segera proudly announces the launch of the NAY PALAD Bird Nest, a one-of-a-kind accommodation at Kenya’s award winning Segera Retreat. Built alongside a river teeming with wildlife, the Bird Nest offers a breathtaking escape in which one’s dreams seamlessly intermingle with nature as never before.

How does it work? After an exhilarating game drive or bush walk, guests are brought to the Bird Nest just before sunset. The nest is lit up with lanterns, with champagne and culinary delights laid out on the open-air nest​,​ and inviting beds (either open-air or within the shelter of the first floor) prepared with luxurious linens and hot water bottles, ready for the night ahead. From the cozy comfort of the Bird Nest, guests will enjoy ​a magical African sunset, feast on a picnic-style dinner and can fall asleep under the sparkling African sky… The following morning, a surprise breakfast delivery on the doorstep ​is enjoyed while watching​ ​elephants, giraffe and other wildlife ​gather ​at the river. To wake up to the magical sounds of wild animals at play, surrounded by pristine nature as far as the eye can see – this is a place of true, untouched wonderment.

Despite Kenya’s wildlife experiencing a difficult time during the recent drought, it was wonderful to receive this happy news about 4 new lion cubs born on Segera, adding to our thriving lion population:

"Namnyak is a maa (Maasai) word that means ‘the lucky one’. Namnyak is a brave and experienced lioness on Segera, who despite all the challenges of a solitary life, has been able to maintain good condition and consistently provide food for herself. When Blacky and his two brothers arrived on her territory, it eased Namnyak’s daily work of patrolling and marking her territory, but also introduced a new task of providing food for three additional hungry cats. Attracted to the area by Namnyak being on heat, Blacky was forced to fight his two brothers for mating rights, but being the oldest and the strongest of the three, he eventually emerged as the winner. After a mating period of 7 days, Namnyak was again left alone to continue her solitary lifestyle. We noticed however that she started investigating large thick bushes on her territory, trying to identify the most suitable home for a den (which needed to be difficult for other predators like the spotted hyena to access). Over 100 days later, in July of this year, Namnyak gave birth to four healthy cubs and she continues to happily nurse them today from her cleverly hidden den.” Paul Kasaine, Guide, Segera Retreat

The Long Run is the world’s largest sustainable development alliance led by private nature-based tourism businesses, aspiring to conserve 20 million acres of biodiversity and improve the lives of 2 million people by 2020. To support this worthwhile initiative, Segera has donated 10 bed-nights at Segera Retreat to be sold as a fundraiser for The Long Run. If anyone is interested in supporting The Long Run by purchasing some nights at Segera, please do let us know.
As part of Segera’s Artist in Residence programme, we were excited to welcome the inspiring conceptual artist, Hank Willis Thomas, to our retreat this summer. Hank’s work focuses on themes relating to identity, history and popular culture and his exhibitions have graced MoMA New York, the Guggenheim, the Whitney and other international galleries. During two weeks of mingling with Segera guests, getting up close and personal with ​Segera’s ​wildlife and beautiful surroundings, ​Hank started developing various ideas for new works​ and returned to his studio feeling refreshed and full of artistic inspiration. Just in time as well, as Zeitz MOCAA will celebrate Hank’s work "All Things Being Equal" at its Grand Opening this month.
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