#MantisCollection takes over management of #AkageraGameLodge


(Posted 12th October 2017)

Rwanda’s Social Security Board, owners of the Akagera Game Lodge, signed a 10 year management agreement with South Africa based Mantis Collection, effective immediately.
Removing themselves from the management of the safari lodge has been on the cards for some time and Mantis reportedly ticked the most boxes for what is essentially the Rwandan government before bagging the deal.
Expectations are now high that under the new management more vigorous marketing will accomplish higher occupancies and revenues, given that competition has taken root in Akagera National Park with the Ruzizi Safari Camp which is right on the shores of one of the lakes.
Said Mrs. Belize Kariza, Chief Tourism Officer at the Rwanda Development Board when commenting on the new set up for Akagera Game Lodge: ‘We are glad to embark together with Mantis Group in this ambitious and strategic plan for Akagera Game Lodge, an important step in demonstrating the Government of Rwanda’s expansion plan within the tourism industry and it’s potential to grow even further in the near future. It is also very substantive that Mantis Group’s principles are aligned with Rwanda’s development objectives in the industry‘.
Akagera is one of four national parks in Rwanda alongside Nyungwe Forest National Park and Volcanoes National Park while Gishwati Forest National Park is yet to be made operational for tourist visitors.