Reader from #Zimbabwe comments on #FlyAfrica’s (mis)adventure


(Posted Friday the 13th of October 2017)


Not long after last night’s article was posted did a number of comments flood back but one in particular struck a note, worth to republish here for the further benefit of ATC Readers:

FlyAfrica in stormy flight.

Few months ago, when the Zimbabwean LCC announced its return at a poorly organized Traders Day one would have hoped for better fortunes. True to their deceiving and disappointing character, they are yet to launch flights. Barring the questionable charter flights they had to Victoria Falls they are yet to offer any service. Two weeks ago, reliable sources in the African industry broke the news that the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe had given the troubled LCC an ultimatum to fly by 12 October or get their license cancelled.
As of today sources in Johannesburg confirmed that the perennial failure was still looking for an aircraft to launch a ceremonial flight in Zimbabwe. Questions have been raised over the last minute desperate bid to deliver a commercial service. Flyafrica are not on any known ticketing system on the market . This absence brings to question the nature of passengers that they intend to carry on their "permit rescue flight", if ever it takes off.
According to an AIP from CAAZ who are the governing body of all airports in Zimbabwe , Victoria Falls airport closes at 18:00hrs but can extend its hours of operations in exceptional case. During the South Africa Zimbabwe impasse 2 months ago, SAA applied for extend hours for their JHB VFA service which never came to fruition.
Last night did sources at Harare International Airport reveal a planned charter flight to Victoria Falls just before midnight yesterday. The flight was scheduled to depart mid morning but the unavailability of the aircraft had seen the academic charter being delayed by over 12 hours.
A delay that the kindergarten children have had to endure with little or no information from the revolutionary airline. The flight eventually did take off before midnight yesterday, according to data seen at 23.27 hrs but I wonder if all required approvals from the Aviation authority were in place.
The time has come for the Aviation Authority to be stern on such time wasters and save the public from yet another scam-airline.

Harsh words from an reader no doubt affected by the failure of the old FlyAfrica, harsh but also true.

Watch this space!