#Comoros joins #UNWTO at last joining the other #VanillaIslands


(Posted 15th October 2017)

The Comoros Islands have now formally joined the United Nationals World Tourism Organization, the last of the group of Indian Ocean islands known as the #VanillaIslands to which the Comoros belong since its launch a few years ago.
Comoros Vice President Djaffar Ahmed Said Hassani, who oversees the tourism portfolio, was in fact leading his delegation to the recent UNWTO General Assembly in Chendu / China.
Tourism to the Comoros so far contributed little to the island state’s economy but perhaps the focus is now changing to the opportunities tourism can bring to the country such as increased foreign exchange earnings, more foreign direct investment and notably employment.

A national tourism office has been established years ago but has been struggling to reach market penetration and visibility levels compared to other Vanilla Island partner islands like the Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and even Madagascar.
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It was learned that the shift in direction by the Comoros government vis a vis tourism has now led to the laying of the foundation stone of a new resort hotel which will, when complete, come under the management of Golden Tulip Hotels, a major boost for the Comoros in regard of increased visibility.

Worth mentioning here is the upcoming inaugural edition of the Comoros #FESPACOM Festival which is taking place between the 13th and 19th of November in the capital #Moroni. The new event aims to promote Comorian culture and heritage through musical and cultural events, exhibitions that enhance tourism and crafts professionals and is supported by the Vanilla Islands Organisation.

Flights to the Comoros are performed by #KenyaAirways, partner airline #PrecisionAir, by Air Austral from #Reunion, Air Madagascar and others though no major international airline is flying to #Moroni yet.

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