Terror hits #Mogadishu once again


(Posted 15th October 2017)

Suspected Al Shabab terrorists have again struck at the heart of #Somalia’s capital Mogadishu when they managed to infiltrate the city with a truck loaded with explosives and detonated it along a busy city intersection lined with government offices, shops, restaurants and hotels.The explosion took place outside the Safari Hotel and after the explosion occurred was gunfire reported as members of the terror group apparently engaged in a shoot out with hotel security.
At least 20 casualties were cited in early reports though dozens of injured are being treated in various hospitals and clinics across Mogadishu, suggesting the death toll the attack is likely to rise some more in coming hours.
Eye witnesses are quoted as saying it was the worst such explosion ever seen in Mogadishu, destroying much of the neighbouring buildings.
Uganda alongside several other African nations has troops stationed in Somalia under an African Union and United Nations mandate.
The combined forces have yet to clear out remaining pockets of Al Shabab dominated and controlled territory while regularly suffering intrusions into a supposedly secured city.
The United States are supporting the ground troops with surveillance information and regular airstrikes on Al Shabab targets but clearly more has to be done to finally stamp out this viper nest of international terrorism.



Latest casualty figures now suggest as many as 137 people were killed and hundreds suffered injuries, many of them live threatening. 


Updates received later speak of dozens still missing while 358 bodies have been recovered in the clear up. Hundreds of people were injured at the time. 


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  1. Oh boy! Need to restore sanity to that place. It’s been too long. May God comfort the families and friends of the fallen and quicken healing for the hurt.
    I wish for a world with no war. #PeaceonEarth

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