#Fastjet publishes first schedule for #Mozambique as expansion takes hold


(Posted 17th October 2017)

Fastjet will launch operations in Mozambique effective 03rd of November. The initial schedule will include flights from Maputo to Tete, Beira and Nampula, making air travel – as they did in Tanzania and Zimbabwe – affordable for ordinary people hitherto often traveling by bus.
Tete flights will initially operate four times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday while Maputo to Nampula services will be daily.
Also daily will be flights from Maputo to Nampula though there will be a double frequency on Sundays.
Mozambique’s fledgling tourism industry has welcomed the setting up of the airline’s operations which will use a Solenta Aviation AOC though the operation will be trademarked and marketed as Fastjet.
Solenta Aviation, as reported here a few days ago, has become the dominant shareholder in Fastjet and makes available aircraft, logistical support and now for the first time an AOC to Fastjet, which remains a publicly quoted company on the London Stock Exchange.

Also see this related article in which reference was made last week of the setting up of operations in Mozambique:

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