Visits to Seychelles are safe


(Posted 19th October 2017)

As the plague epidemic keeps spreading on the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar have other islands and the African mainland taken added precautions to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.
After the Seychelloise coach of a basket ball team attending a championship tournament in Antananarivo, has died in Madagascar two weeks ago, have the Seychelles authorities immediately directed a halt of flights between Mahe and Madagascar.
Individuals who returned from Madagascar to Mahe on the last flight of Air Seychelles were put in quarantine at a remote location as an added measure of disease prevention and the results of the blood tests carried out by the Pasteur Institute in Paris have confirmed overnight that none of those held in isolation were after all infected.
However, the Seychelles authorities will continue to detain and isolate for quarantine any individual who arrives in the Seychelles by air or sea directly coming from or having recently been in Madagascar, again similar to the measures taken over the Ebola outbreak two years ago in West Africa to ensure the safety of the Seychelles population from transmitted diseases.This correspondent is heading to the Seychelles shortly to attend the annual Festival Kreol which this year combines with the Seychelles Carnival and has complete trust in the measures taken by the Seychelles health authorities.

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