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S.E.E Africa!
Let us take you on a journey around Africa and show you the Africa the mainstream media would never show you; the true Africa that is untainted by bias, discrimination or racism. Contrary to popular opinion, Africa isn’t a dark continent. Africa isn’t generally hot. Africans aren’t primitive people.
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#UntappedAfrica: Take Me To Butha-Buthe!

Butha-Buthe, a relaxed, serene, budget and rural mountainous city in Lesotho. As the name suggests, Butha-Buthe means a place of lying down; that is exactly what this city is about—a place to relax under the serene enclaves of mountains and escape life’s stress.

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Oct 21, 2017: Travel Massive Lagos Invites Travel Experts to Network and Connect

As a travel innovator and change maker, you’re invited to meet to create connections and share ideas about the travel and tourism industry in Nigeria. Its your perfect opportunity to be part of a global travel community that connects people in the travel industry locally and across the world.

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East Africa Tourism Expo 2017 to Generate $17 Billion and 8 Million Jobs by 2022.

EATHE 2017 will attract more than 6,000 corporate buyers and international hosted buyers from Africa, Australia and Asia and the general public to come and shop for their holiday packages at a discounted price as the nature of the program is designed to be 85% business to customer interactions.

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Egypt Ranks 1st in Top 10 Countries to Invest in Africa

Where to Invest in Africa 2018 highlights those countries which have understood the need to adapt to the prolonged slowdown in commodity prices and sluggish levels of production growth – and those which haven’t. Egypt came first, toppling South Africa in the process.

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Event Update: Just 1 Month to Nigeria Travel Week 2017

Nigeria has the population, Nigeria has the market, Nigeria has EcoTourism; Everyone is buzzing about the Nigeria Travel Week (NTW) 2017 and we are pleased to announce that it’s just around the corner. If you’re a hospitality or tourism or travel practitioner, stakeholder or travel enthusiast, this event is for you. Simply register to attend for FREE.

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#AfroRecipe: Learn How to Make Traditional Guru and Muriwo

We were in Zimbabwe recently for Sanganai 2017 and we had the opportunity to learn how to make a local staple dish called Traditional Guru, also known as tripe with Muriwo (vegetable). We are happy to teach you how to make this tasty Zimbabwean dish by yourself at home, even if you can’t be in Harare right away.

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