FlyAfrica Reloaded 2.0


(Posted 20th October 2017)

Aviation should be a serious business for serious people but alas, that once again does not seem to be the case with the second edition of FlyAfrica in Zimbabwe.
As the websearches for the websites on record below show, none of them can be reached and questions galore are being asked by potential passengers – and more so by those still not in receipt of their refunds from the FlyAfrica Edition 1 – where they can be reached and how one can book flights, should anyone be ready to part with their hard earned money under such circumstances that is.

The Revolution Continues‘ does their advert state and no doubt will they have a revolution at hand from former wannabe passengers who are almost two years down the line still waiting for refunds.

It is understood that this upstart has three offices in Zimbabwe from where they are trying to sell tickets but are not found in any of the global reservation systems not does their – dormant or dead – website offer on line bookings.
The flight they recently performed to beat a deadline of the Zimbabwe CAA was processed manually even at the airport, almost unheard of in this day and age when it comes to jet aviation, casting yet more doubts on their professionalism and purpose to really get this airline off the ground and keep it flying for more than a showcase event.

There have been suggestions that a Boeing B737-500 could fly in from neighbouring South Africa under a lease arrangement and that ticket sales for the three rotations shown in the advert have started the day before yesterday, but it will be anyone’s guess if this materialises and if the advertised departure times will actually be met.
From the published rump of a schedule does it also appear that today’s rotation will end in Bulawayo but only return to Harare on the 22nd of this month via Victoria Falls before then a third rotation is shown for the 27th of October.

The eyes of the Zimbabwean regulators but also of FlyAfrica’s competitors and aviation pundits will be trained on the horizon of Harare’s international airport to see if or when their bird will come in for landing before shifting to the wristwatch to see if or when the announced flights will depart.

Watch this space for updates during the cause of the day.

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