Engine failure leads to ‘landing’ in Nairobi National Park


(Posted 21st October 2017)

(Picture via Twitter by @gladysmungaii)

A Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, part of a dispatch rush ahead of the closure of Wilson Airport (see NOTAM report via this link: https://atcnews.org/2017/10/18/air-traffic-disruptions-expected-in-nairobi-on-20th-of-october/) developed engine trouble shortly after taking off and had to endure a landing inside the Nairobi National Park which adjoins Wilson Airport.
All nine on board the flight destined for the Masai Mara’s Kichwa Tembo airstrip were unharmed as the pilots, without engine power, managed to land the aircraft safely. The aircraft, according to reports received late yesterday – it was Mashujaa Day in Kenya – did not suffer any damage apart from the failed engine.
Such incidents with Cessna Grand Caravans are rare as the aircraft is considered one of the safest single engine turboprops on the market and safari and bush airlines all over Eastern Africa are operating a large number of these aircraft which safely perform hundreds of flights each day.
The safe albeit forced landing also affirms that Kenya’s leading bush and safari airlines employ pilots of high calibre who undergo regular training sessions dealing with such eventualities.
Congratulation to the pilots for a job well done!

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