World Travel Awards News October 2017

World Travel Awards News Update

World Travel Awards

It is this time of year when the final round of voting are underway to determine the global
winners of the World Travel Awards, aka #WTA2017

Time and time again, Serena Hotels has won awards in various categories in the World Travel Awards Africa with a record high of 12 awards in the year 2016 and 7 more awards this year.

It doesn’t stop there as Kenya’s own Mara Serena Safari Lodge has this year been nominated for World’s Leading Safari Resort!!

This is not only a great achievement for Kenya and this particular lodge but for the entire Serena brand placing them at the global front of hospitality. Bringing this award home won’t be easy and that is why they need your help.

The campaign is all about creating awareness as well as highlighting the lodge’s unique selling points. These include:

· Location – The panoramic views and being the heart of the 8th wonder of the world

· Locally inspired design and architecture

· Unmatched guest experiences such as star lit dinner and the hippo pool breakfast

· Wellness in the bush

· Unrivalled service and hospitality

This nomination needs as many people to vote as possible. Attached are four emails with e-shots with activated click here buttons that lead directly to the WTA website. These you can sent out as part of your email’s body as it makes it easier for people to vote by clicking on the image. The voting window closes in less than a week on 30th October.

Kenya and Serena Hotels will appreciate your support in pushing this nomination for votes as this would be a big achievement for Mara Serena, Serena Hotels and of course Destination Kenya.

World Travel Awards


October 2017
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