Seychelles Tourism video goes viral on a global stage


(Posted 29th October 2017)

(Miss Creole Des Iles 2017 seen here ahead of the main festival parade)

The Seychelles Tourism Board has partnered with British online news and video publisher – UNILAD – to produce an impactful video enticing people to visit the destination.

The desired effect has far exceeded expectations as the video posted on UNILAD’s travel themed Facebook page – UNILAD Adventure – has indeed gone viral, reaching over 2 million views in just a matter of days.

The video commissioned by STB’s Digital Marketing section entitled ‘Things to do in Seychelles’ is just under three minutes. First posted on Facebook on Wednesday October 18, it was an instant hit with over 500,000 views in the first 24 hours, with several thousand shares and comments.

Within 48 hours, the video exceeded the initial one million viewership target and has now surpassed the 2 million view mark, gaining over 26 thousand likes, 15 thousand comments and 14.8 thousand shares in the process.

The STB Chief Executive, Mrs. Sherin Francis said: ‘We ensured that the video was as informative as possible, and this is one of the most successful campaigns we have had online. The fact that the video has had over 2 million views, with the highest ever number of engagements have surpassed our expectations. We recognize that doing joint campaigns with renowned social media experts is a sure way of obtaining the much needed visibility‘.

The UNILAD team that produced the video spent 8 days in Seychelles, recording their experiences of things do to while visiting the archipelago, accompanied by STB’s Digital Marketing Executive, Randy Rosalie. The main theme of the video centers on a young couple visiting the different islands, experiencing the various adventure activities available such as zip lining, diving, jet skiing, parasailing, snorkelling, and hiking among others.

As part of its digital marketing strategy for 2018, STB plans to create several viral videos in the coming months, so as to greatly increase visibility online, mainly on social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube, which have billions of followers.

The Director of STB’s Digital Marketing, Mr. Vahid Jacob said his section will be working with some of the world’s leading content developers like UNILAD, Lad bible, Condé Nast Traveller among others, as working with videos platforms such as UNILAD enables Seychelles to create amazing content, at a fraction of what it would cost to advertise on major international television networks.

Mr Jacob said: ‘It’s a very affordable and interactive way to reach a large audience on the internet through social media sites. This form of marketing appeals primarily to young couples who plan to visit Seychelles for their honeymoon for example‘.

The next project lined up is the launch of several 360 videos about the destination, which will also be channelled through online media platforms.

To date the UNILAD produced video ‘Things to do in Seychelles’ is the most successful video the Seychelles Tourism Board has created and the online response has been outstanding, exceeding all expectations.

To view the video click on the link shown below: