Grand Caravan landing incident at Lobo airstrip sees all 11 on board walk away


(Posted 30th October 2017)

(Twitter picture courtesy of @darpostnews)

A Cessna Grand Caravan, registered at 5H-THR, first entering service in 1996 under MSN 208B-0571, on landing at the Lobo airstrip in the Northern Serengeti, suffered substantial damage and is considered as beyond repair.
On board were reportedly 10 passengers and one pilot. Among them three were reportedly suffering non life threatening injuries while the rest of them walked away from the wreckage shaken but unharmed.
The annual migration of the wildebeest and zebras has left the Masai Mara and is enroute through the migration corridor around Lobo towards the low grass plains, a reason why this part of the Serengeti / Masai Mara ecosystem is presently in high demand by tourists.
It could not be established at this time why the aircraft strayed off the airstrip after landing and collided with a tree.
An air accident investigation has been launched by the Tanzanian government.