Downplaying the #Plague is not a good idea


(Posted 02nd November 2017)

As was reported here at the very start of the plague outbreak way back in September has Madagascar suffered a repeat outbreak of the deadly disease, made worse as this epidemic was of the Pneumonic type which infects others through aerial transmission.
As a result have many people been affected and in fact a visiting Seychellois team coach died as a result.
Claims that tourists are therefore not likely to come into contact with infected people – regardless of suggestions that the worst of the outbreak is now over – are far fetched as otherwise the visiting coach would not have caught the disease and subsequently passed away.
Like with an Ebola or Marburg outbreak is extreme caution the best prevention and tourists should not be lured to a location with assurances that all is well when it is patently not.
East African countries suffered Marburg and Ebola outbreaks and while usually short lived were none of those centred around the huge populations of the capital cities but mostly in remote rural areas.
In Madagascar did the disease hit the capital Antananarivo which is also the location of the international airport. It is such a scenario under which tourism promoters are obliged to be upfront and truthful and not gloss over such a situation.
It is hoped that the outbreak is soon brought under complete control and that better sanitation will help prevent future outbreaks, though for those who know the slum conditions in Antananarivo, that hope may be misplaced.