#Kenya Tourism Federation assures visitors to the country of their safety


(Posted 02nd November 2017)

The Kenya Tourism Federation, the apex or umbrella body of Kenya’s tourism sector associations, has moved to assure tourists that they are safe during their visit to the country, despite the politically emotional period the country is experiencing.

Wrote the Federation office:

Following the Supreme Court ruling on the 01st September which annulled the presidential election results of 8/8/2017 a repeat poll was ordered within 60 days and the same was conducted on the 26/l 0/2017. As you may be aware by now and with reference to our last update the main opposition party boycotted the repeat polls.

The repeat polls did happen in 43 of the counties save in 4 counties where election could not take place. Incidences of unrest did take place in isolated parts of Nairobi and Kisumu but none in our traditional tourist circuit areas which all remained calm. KTF maintains a 24 hour safety & security centre. During the elections as per our tradition we deployed over 60 observers and monitors across the country to keep watch on any trouble spot and give instant feedback to the centre.

On Monday 30 Oct 2017 the sitting President who is seeking a second term was declared the winner and president elect. The opposition have refused to recognise the win and they are seeking constitutional means to seek redress. The main opposition leader has time and again called upon his supporters to respect the rule of law which is very crucial to any tourist destination and stability of a nation.

As private sector under the private sector business umbrella body (KEPSA) we have been engaging both sides of the divide to ensure that political issues are all addressed in a peaceful civil manner. It has so far worked pretty well hence no interruption in any of the tourism circuits and no travel advisory has been scaled up by any of the embassies in Kenya . We also engage with the embassies of our tourist source markets to keep updating them on the status across the country.

On behalf of the tourism industry we want to assure you that Kenya is calm and we are looking forward to register one of the best tourism season since 2007. To the industry players we cannot thank you enough for the generous support to KTF both in cash and kind, without you it would not have been possible to deliver on our mandate.

Tourists, even in the past, have rarely if ever been a target during or after political rallies or demonstrations and KTF members are constantly updated by their 24/7 operations centre of potential hotspots, which safari vehicles – most of them connected with their bases via VHF radio or through mobile phones – then subsequently avoid.

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