Rift Valley Adventures – adding some Oomph to the vacation


(Posted 02nd November 2017)


Nothing beats the feeling of open grasslands, mountains, rivers, caves and forests all around you – constantly changing but also remaining the same. Ancient cultures including many of Kenya’s fine outdoor traditions believed that nature, the environment and everything around us had a purpose and a deeper meaning. A never ending circle of life.
All the stories children were told by their seniors, once upon a time before the onset of the smartphone tsunami, were about creation, nature, forests, animals and how they interacted with their environment.
Several studies on ‘The impact of outdoor adventure activities’ show that outdoor education programmes can and do impact positively on young people’s attitudes, beliefs and self-perceptions. These young individuals become more independent, confident, and have greater self-esteem. They are also found to be better at coping with challenges, interpersonal and social skills such as communication, group cohesion and teamwork. Rift Valley Adventures sees it first hand every day working with young people from all over the world.

Below is a collection of short videos mostly made by their students themselves which I hope will illustrate the importance of Learning through Adventure.



The exposure and processes that come from being in a new environment cause us to learn. We learn how to challenge and overcome our fears when we’re jumping off a rugged 30ft cliff into the “unknown”! As long as we are eager students, ready to learn and willing to explore, there is no telling how far we can go on the journey to discover our own potential.

Outdoor Education

Being in a new environment challenges us to think more, and be critical with our minds. When we are exposed to new environments, not only do we begin to find new solutions, but a learning process begins. We learn about the environment and what is around us. We begin to observe and appreciate intricate details of our surroundings. We begin to see beyond the wow factor of our camera lens, and appreciate the finer details and the cause and effect of our actions on the environment.


The outdoors teaches us to not only become better versions of ourselves, but we begin to see the importance of other people and living creatures around us; their value and our part in the bigger picture. As long as we are willing to learn and explore, there will always something new to appreciate.