Alain St. Ange’s Tourism Report Edition 22


(Posted 05th November 2017)


Reproduced here with express permission from the author comes the 22nd edition of the St. Ange Tourism Report with unparallelled news from the Seychelles and the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands – and beyond.

Write Alain in his foreword to this edition:

‘In this issue you will see tackled in the editorial ‘Budget Time’ in Seychelles and the implications of the lack of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs). The appointment of Regional Councils is also discussed with the call that the ability for the people to choose cannot be taken away or given away.

Also: Traveling For The Experience: What Guests Are Looking For Today as pointedby ECOPLANNETCommunique of James MacGregor is highlighted and what today’s guests are looking to find in the world of travel as is discussed by MacGregor, and flowing on to Seychelles, as a country dependent on its tourism industry crying out to increase its yield from the industry.

The proposed new PIT (Progressive Income Tax) on salaries is addressed and the effects on the humble Seychellois as he manages to climb the ladder to senior management. Is that a disincentive for able Seychellois to remain here to work for the island he or she calls home?. Also discussed is the urgent need to redress the sad situation of theft, violence and crime, which is overtaking the lives of many locals and the bullying behavior that is a learned behavior with the need for our leaders and role models of today to rise to the level to make Seychelles proud. The cost of living that is slowly getting out of control is also tabled with recommendations.

Stand alone articles in this issue of the Saint Ange Tourism Report covers:-

– Understanding vital fisheries for future generations,

– Celebrating Festival Kreol, Mason’s Travel style,

– Fespacom Festival of Comoros – 13th to 19th November,

– VoyagesAfriq Travel & Tourism Magazine is launched,

– Indian Ocean Commission,

– IATA – “Aviation is the Business of Freedom”,

– Call for African Countries to reduce inter-country flight costs,

– Abel Damergi, the GM on the move with his exclusive Enchanted Island Resort,

– Reef Rescuers at Six Senses in Seychelles,

– Qatar Airways – the first airline ever to operate an Airbus A350 to the Maldives,

– First KLM/Air Mauritius joint flight lands in Mauritius

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