#Nanyuki airstrip closed for maintenance after torrential rains damage the runway


(Posted 09th November 2017)


(Aerial view of the Nanyuki field by this author)

Information was received this morning that the current torrential rains lashing central Kenya have worsened the runway condition in Nanyuki and caused the closure of the main Nanyuki airstrip and also of two alternate fields like Solio and Kamok, equally affected by the prevailing weather conditions.
It could not be ascertained that ALL airlines will halt flights to Nanyuki until the runway has seen some repairs but Air Kenya has earlier this morning confirmed that they will, for the time being, not use this field which is the main gateway by air to the Mount Kenya Safari Club, to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy and other conservancies further north.
Confirmation is sought about flights routing to the Nyeri field but no feedback has been received by the time of uploading the article.
Maintenance is ongoing as and when the rainfall stops but no information is available from the owners of the Nanyuki airfield at this time about the duration of the repairs and reopening of the strip.


(Tropic Air uses the Nanyuki airfield as their primary base)