#Tanzania’s NSSF names Serena Hotels as employer of the year


(Posted 18th November 2017

Tanzania‟s National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has awarded Tourism Promotion Services (TPS), Serena Hotels Tanzania as the Best Complying Employer in the Tourism and Hospitality sector for the year 2017.
NSSF launched the ‘Best Complying Employer Award‘ not only to cultivate employer‟s compliance with the labor laws but also to encourage employers‟ efforts towards further enhancing retirement protection of their employees.
Mr. Mahmud Janmohamed, Group Managing Director and CEO of Serena Hotels remarked: ‘We are delighted to be recognized for our continued commitment to develop a highly engaged workforce. We believe our relentless focus on our human resources has put us on the map as one of the most prominent hotel brands in Tanzania. This recognition is a testament to Serena Hotels devotion in investing in their human resources who are key to offering exceptional customer service, indeed a fundamental determinant of success in the tourism and hospitality industry‘.

John Mwamakulah, Group Human Resource Manager, Serena Hotels Tanzania, then said: ‘Our aim to create valuable and memorable experiences for guests starts with a motivated workforce. Employee welfare is an intrinsic value at Serena Hotels and it has set the pace for effectively retaining talent all through retirement‘.

Serena Hotels portfolio both in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar are exemplary examples of 5 star hospitality services. Serena Hotels Tanzania portfolio include ten upmarket hotels, safari lodges and camps located in the most exotic locations in the country.

The company employs over 700 staff, 99 percent of them Tanzanians and has set the benchmark in supporting the overall wellbeing and development of employees’ including a favorable retirement package.

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