Alain St. Ange’s word of support for #Zimbabwe’s former tourism minister Dr. Walter Mzembi


(Posted 22nd November 2017)

Tourism Zimbabwe – the word is respect for former Minister Walter Mzembi

The coup in Zimbabwe is now a reality and the population is in joyful mood. This was expected after the lifetime rule of a man who could not see a Zimbabwe beyond Mugabe.

Zimbabwe is a great country and no one should forget, even as celebrations are taking place to welcome in a new era, that one from Zimbabwe did what seemed impossible to keep this great African country’s tourism industry alive and on the move.

Walter Mzembi is today history because of the people power uprising that changed Zimbabwe and its leaders overnight, but it must be remembered that Walter Mzembi did all he could for Zimbabwe’s tourism.

I am currently on a weeklong working trip in Africa and I heard Walter Mzembi’s name mentioned in the list of those dismissed from ZANU PF. I felt it not only important, and in many ways my duty to say he deserves respect as a Zimbabwean in the new Zimbabwe.

Though he was my adversary in the recent UNWTO elections for the post of Secretary General, I know he was doing it with Zimbabwe in mind and in his heart. His manoeuvres, the AU genuine or fabricated call for sanctions on Seychelles all did help cost me the opportunity to lead the UN Body and it also lost Africa it’s chance of a lifetime to take the seat of the highest tourism office, but he was only trying to keep Zimbabwe moving forward even though knowing that a win for Zimbabwe was an impossibility. The happenings in Zimbabwe today reflects what the world felt, and what the world was saying, but that did not deter Walter Mzembi from trying hard for Zimbabwe.

Today in hindsight, Africa knows that Seychelles was set to win the UNWTO elections and that they needed to back their winning horse and many who spoke up for Mzembi and Zimbabwe have gone quiet and their conviction faded into thin air. Walter Mzembi should have been the running mate in a Seychelles / Zimbabwe Team which would have given the ledership of the UNWTO and in so doing brought needed focus on Brand Africa.

Needless to say that I believe it is important for the world of tourism, Zimbabwe and Africa to show that we are today still respecting the man who was flying Zimbabwe’s flag. This is more necessary today.

I come forward speaking up with a lot of humility because I appreciated Walter Mzembi, the Minister and the person.

I wish him well in this new Zimbabwe as I wish the new Zimbabwe the success it needs for its economy and for each and every Zimbabwean.