#Seychelles suspension of air services to #Madagascar remain in place – for now


(Posted 24th November 2017)

Better safe than sorry is the likely reason why the Seychelles government is keeping the flight suspension to Antananarivo in place after the World Health Organization only spoke of a decline in plague cases on Madagascar but has not yet formally declared the disease as over.
While indeed numbers have declined it is that formal declaration everyone is waiting for before flights between Mahe and Madagascar will resume it was learned from a regular source in Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles.
195 infected people died out of nearly 2.300 who got affected by the disease, including a Seychellois basket ball team coach whose team participated in a tournament in Antananarivo.
Although the UNWTO has declared support to the Madagascar tourism industry is caution clearly the better, and recommended way forward before lifting the temporary ban on flights by Air Seychelles.
The most intense plague outbreak – Madagascar periodically suffers of such epidemic – in recent times, made worse by the pneumonic type of the disease, had rattled the island’s tourism industry as neighbouring countries all put measures into place to screen passengers arriving from the island and travel warnings were put into place to warn tourists and business travelers of the dangers since the main outbreak was concentrated around the heavily populated areas of the capital city.

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