#Seychelles government lifts ban on #Madagascar flights


(Posted 01st December 2017)

After the lifting of travel restrictions by the Seychelles government, vis a vis the plague outbreak on the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar, will Air Seychelles resume flights to Antananarivo in the near future.
The airline operated four weekly flights with Airbus A320 equipment but suspended services on government orders in early October.

A date was now set when the flights will resume, i.e. on the 12th of January next year with initially two weekly flights. It is understood that surveillance measures for passengers coming from Madagascar will remain in place for some more time. These measures will also be maintained at the port of Victoria besides the international airport.
The UNWTO some weeks ago made a strong case for the full resumption of tourism links with Madagascar, but thankfully did common sense prevail to sit out the peak of the outbreak before changing course again.
Madagascar is a Vanilla Island organization member country together with the Seychelles, Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte and the Comoros and as such also part of the Vanilla Islands airline cooperation platform.

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