Ile Aurore to build on the success of Eden Island


(Posted 02nd December 2017)

Following the overwhelming success of Eden Island, a property development located on an artificial island between the international airport and the city of Victoria, is a second such project now going underway.
Eden Island defied critics when the villa and residential properties sold rapidly, mostly to foreign investors, when a major commercial complex filled up with tenants, the Eden Blue Hotel was opened as was a casino and when the marina filled up with yachts from around the world.

(A view of Eden Island from the hills above Victoria)

(Residential waterfront units on Eden Island)

The Ile Aurore island, also artificially created, is already home to a golf course, setting it apart from Eden Island. Soon will a similar project development begin to roll out with residential units,villas, hotels, restaurants and other commercial retail spaces. Foreign investment in the project could reach half a billion US Dollars in value coming to boost the Seychelles economy which depends largely on tourism.

Creating additional ‘land’ in the form of artificial islands is one of the ways the Seychelles opted for to relief land pressure as the population of the islands progressively moves up towards the 100.000 mark and visitors to the archipelago exceed 350.000 arrivals.

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