Seychelles Airlines in the news again as owners now hope for operations start in late 2018


(Posted 03rd December 2017)

Reports coming from the Seychelles confirm that the owners of Seychelles Airlines, a company which was initially incorporated way back in 2013 but ran into a range of regulatory obstacles they had to overcome – including a court challenge to retain their name – continue to aim at launching operations, now projected for late next year.
Initially was the airline set to purchase or lease two Boeing B767 aircraft but given the time elapsed and the rising fuel cost may the focus shift to leasing more fuel efficient wide body aircraft.
In 2013 did the airline intend to mainly serve European destinations from where since then a host of new flights was launched to the archipelago, or are due to be launched next year by British Airways and Air France, crowding the market considerably more than was the case four years ago.
Also a factor is the ‘new‘ Air Seychelles which has emerged since the restructuring began in 2012 and which has grown in leaps and bounds, now operating two Airbus A330 aircraft and two Airbus A320 aircraft, besides their domestic fleet of six Twin Otters for inter island scheduled and charter flights.
Backed by Etihad, which holds a major stake in Air Seychelles, have code shared flights via Abu Dhabi added to Air Seychelles’ appeal for many travelers and will no doubt make the decision of a newcomer, where to fly to, even more challenging.
Watch this space for breaking and regular aviation news from the Indian Ocean islands and the African mainland.