Court not kind to Kenya Airways as airline prevented from firing and hiring


(Posted 06th December 2017)

Kenya’s Employment and Labour Relations Court has again lived up to its murky reputation of ignoring both facts and the law and arbitrarily favouring workers, when national airline Kenya Airways was barred from both firing the wildcat strikers in their engineering department but also from hiring new staff for the vacant positions.
Often said here in the past are Kenya’s militant aviation unions the bane of the airline industry in Kenya and their main target, Kenya Airways, has been financially dragged down in the past when often outrageous demands were made in true blackmail fashion by KALPA, the militant pilots union, and others.
Judge Hellen Wasilwa is now coming under scrutiny herself after issuing her order which will likely be contested by the airline’s legal team in a higher court, similar to a ruling in favour of former KQ Finance Director Alex Mbugua.
While no formal complaint with the judicial oversight body against the judge is expected at this time, should a higher court overturn her ruling this could be a likely development, investigating how she arrived at her ruling and why she ruled the way she did, ignoring the wildcat strike which prompted the airline’s action.
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