TAZARA operations halted due to strike by Zambian rail workers


(Posted 11th December 2017)

It was learned over the weekend that the TAZARA railway, owned by both the Zambian and Tanzanian government in equal parts, has been grounded along the last stretch between Tanzania and Zambia, due to a railway workers strike on the Zambian side. The train service connects the port of Dar es Salaam with the Zambian town of New Kapiri Mposhi after China built the railway in the 1970’s to support the Zambian economy in the face of sanctions by the the South African apartheid regime.
Cause of the walkout is apparently the demand to get unpaid salaries not received by the workers for some months now.
Passenger trains from Dar es Salaam presently only go as far as Mbeya while cargo trains, mainly carrying Zambian copper, have not come across the border as a result of the strike.
Bulk imports via the port of Dar es Salaam are also said to be affected as trains cannot deliver the containers to the Zambian border and across.
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This rail journey is one fancied by many train buffs from across the world to explore the scenery along the route and cross from Tanzania into Zambia and vice versa inspite of the long travel time, often poor services on board and regular delays
Watch this space to get updates as and when the strike has been ended and trains resume their movements.

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