#Seychelles to widen protected area around the #AldabraAtoll


(Posted 14th December 2017)

Information was received from the Seychelles that the government is planning to significantly increase their marine protected areas.
Already over half of the land area of the Seychelles is protected by law as national parks, marine parks and sanctuaries and the latest move by the archipelago’s government is adding further credentials to the Seychelles’ reputation to be one of the world’s leading conservation nations.
Up to now was less than one percent of the admittedly massive ocean area under Seychelles’ control protected but the new measures will see this percentage rise to a whopping 15.6 percent, or in real terms from just under 600 square kilometres to over 200.000 square kilometres.
Out of this will Aldabra see its protection zone grow to some 74.000 square kilometres which will become a marine national park while the area between the Amirantes islands to the Fortune Bank will comprise nearly 137.000 square kilometres and be given a different designation.

At present does the Seychelles have 6 marine national parks and a further 12 marine protected areas in addition to which there are designated shell reserves, fish management protected areas and special reserves.

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