#Seychelles Tourism Academy Principal Flavien Joubert publishes another book


(Posted 14th December 2017)

A new publication entitled ‘Fish & Seafood recipes of the Seychelles Islands’ has just been released.

The book contains 32 recipes created by Flavien Joubert, a Seychellois personality who has worked for decades in the tourism & hospitality industry. He has received the support of the Seychelles Tourism Baord, which embarked on the project with the aim of increasing its suites of promotional materials, and hopefully give more prominence to the Seychelles cuisine.

The new recipe book, which Mr. Joubert has dedicated to his wife and two daughters, was officially launched last week at the Eden Bleu Hotel on Eden Island.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the Principal Secretary for Tourism, Anne Lafortune, the Chief Executive & Deputy Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Sherin Francis and Jenifer Sinon, staff of the Seychelles’ Tourism Board and Tourism Academy, families and friends of Mr. Joubert, among other guests.

The project was initiated by the former Tourism Minister, Alain St. Ange. Mr Joubert, who is the longest serving Principal of the Seychelles Tourism Academy said it has taken two years for the project to materialize. He has created what he described as easy-to-follow recipes, using a number of fish species and seafood ingredients, including bonito, dorado, kingfish, red snapper, prawns among others. Mr Joubert has also tried to incorporate some of the least favoured fish and new methods of cooking them.

I have used the less popular fish to entice people to consume more of those fish. The book is also promoting the blue economy concept,” he said.

It is not only a recipe book, it is also a perfect coffee table book and something that can be given as a gift,” he added.

Aside from pictures of the various dishes taken by Mr Joubert himself, the book also contains photographs of some of the amazing sceneries of the Seychelles islands.

The Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Sherin Francis said: “I am confident that these fish and seafood recipes of the Seychelles islands will become a very useful tool in promoting our islands’ unforgettable cuisine. I am sure that these easy-to-follow recipes are destined to grace many-a-table both here and abroad and allow the Seychelles brand to continue to resonate in all four corners of the world.”

Addressing guests at the book launch, Mr Joubert thanked all those who have worked tirelessly to produce the book, including staff of the Seychelles Tourism Board.

The ‘Fish & Seafood recipes of the Seychelles islands’ is the third book published by Mr Joubert. His first cookbook was published in 2000 and his second publication entitled ‘Seychelles Magical Cocktails’ was released in 2015.

Mr Joubert is already contemplating the publication of more books in the future.

The Fish & Seafood recipe book has been published in the United Kingdom by Rila production. It will be largely used a promotional tool by the Seychelles Tourism Board, but due to popular demand copies will soon be made available for sale in bookshops in Seychelles.