#Nigeria grants #RwandAir fifth freedom rights between #Abuja and #Yaounde


(Posted 16th December 2017)

The Nigerian authorities have granted RwandAir fifth freedom rights for flights between Yaounde and Abuja, the capital cities of Cameroon and Nigeria.
This follows other such deals in place, for flights between Lagos and Accra or closer to home for flights from Entebbe to Nairobi and Juba or for flights from Kigali via Mombasa to Dubai.
RwandAir’s expansion is to a good part built on the country’s good relations with other African nations which have either granted fifth freedom rights to the airline or, as is the case with Cotonou, given RwandAir a second hub from which it now serves a number of West African destinations.
The new traffic rights, which apply for both passengers and cargo, will set the ball rolling for RwandAir’s plans to begin serving the Nigerian capital of Abuja and tap into the traffic potential to and from that city from across the airline’s extensive Eastern and Southern African network but also from beyond like Dubai and Mumbai.
Only a few days ago had news emerged that RwandAir had also secured fifth freedom deals for flights between the Zimbabwean capital Harare to South Africa, which would further extend the reach of one of Africa’s fastest growing airlines.
Now operating a fleet of 12 aircraft, among them two Airbus A330’s, six Boeing B737NG’s, and four Bombardier aircraft of CRJ900 and Q400 make, is the stage set for further expansion when the new international airport in Bugesera opens in a few years time.
This correspondent recently flew 8 sectors with RwandAir to both Southern and West Africa and was impressed by the services on the ground and in the air as the following TripAdvisor reviews will attest to.