#Kenya’s tourism growth slowed down but grows regardless


(Posted 18th December 2017)

Kenya’s tourism growth, during the first six months of the year, exceeded 11 percent, but slowed down over the election period to 7.7 percent according to data received over the weekend.
While the Kenyan economy overall continues to show contraction, compared to a year ago, largely attributed to the extended election period and the fallout caused by irresponsible politicians calling for boycotts, has tourism defied that trend and, while growing slower, still shown an upward curve.
Local sources in Kenya attribute the growth to strong performance by African visitors who ordinarily pay little attention to Western anti travel warnings and the recent announcement by President Kenyatta in his public address shortly after being sworn in for his second term of office, to open up to Africans from other countries by giving them Visa on arrival, will no doubt strengthen this trend.
The Kenya coast, ahead of the upcoming Festive Season, reports a strong demand from in particular Kenyans traveling to the coast for the holidays, from further across Eastern Africa and from the traditional markets in Europe, at last filling the resorts to capacity again and in the process adding and securing jobs.
Year to year data on tourism arrivals will be published here just as soon as they become available from the usual sources.

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