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(Posted 21st December 2017)


Giving young aspiring writers and bloggers a platform has for long been the policy of, under its present and former name.
Some writers make regular appearances here, at times with longer intervals but back they come with new content worth sharing with my own audience, while others, after one or two initially enthusiastic contributions just fade away.
While in Nigeria recently and participating in a series of events linked to the Nigeria Travel Week, did opportunity arise to also meet not only the existing partners of ATCNews – namely Afro Tourism and AfriTraveller – but also make the acquaintance of several travel and lifestyle bloggers.
One in particular struck me as engaged and inventive and as a result, with quite a lot of interaction since my return to Uganda, did make it into the new partner column.
My readers have in the past very positively responded to finding links to aviation, travel and conservation content from West Africa and reciprocity agreements with for instance from Ghana have worked out very well.

Here is the story of Fisayo, narrating her one year journey from humble and very challenging starts to where her blog is today. Enjoy!

The 1 Year Journey of a Nigerian Lifestyle & Travel Blogger & Her Campaign to establish TheFisayo.Com


I started my lifestyle & travel blog December 26th 2016 to inspire people on things that inspire me, like places I travel, books I read, food and lifestyle generally. I also extend it by sharing other traveler’s experiences on my blog; an example is the ‘insider’s guide to Copenhagen” (link: ).

Although, on my birthday (May 12th), I wrote about how I struggled to start my blog with limited information and resources, and I shared how I was able to overcome these obstacles, click here to read it (link to the post:


You should know that I did not start my blog because “I wanted to be a blogger”, it was more of the passion to “inspire people,” that drove me into starting my blog.

How Blogging Has Transformed my Lifestyle:

· Blogging makes me see opportunity in everything because I have to create new and interesting content for my readers each week.

· Being a travel blogger gives me freedom to try new things and explore new places.The exciting thing about this is that you have fun without even planning for it.

· Did I mention that blogging has helped build my network? I mean, I got to meet Prof. Wolfgang during the Nigeria Travel Week. And I have had interviews with influencers in Nigeria in different niches such as; media, lifestyle, beauty, etc, click here to see some of the interviews: (Link: .

· Blogging has definitely increased the creative genius in me, and I decided to extend that by creating a YouTube Channel to serve as an extension of my blog contents, also for video documentation of my travels. Click here to subscribe to my YouTube ( )

· Oh! Lest I forget, I should mention that I have been having a lot of sleepless nights since I started blogging. I sometimes do not realize how late it is because of how engrossed I am in the work I am doing at the time. And I really cannot help it sometimes.

You should know that amongst all the glamorous part of blogging, just like any other profession, there are a few challenges I have faced (the sleepless night is a major part of that).

One thing about me is that I am a strong Nigerian Activist.

Lol, what do I mean?

Since I operate in the media and travel space, one of the ways I contribute my quota to the development of Nigeria and travels in Nigeria is by creating awareness of the beautiful places to visit in my country.

So, right now, my blog is positioned to serve as a point of reference for quality information on Nigerian travels and lifestyle (arts & culture), some of which are executed through partnerships. Click here to see the top 5 places to visit in Nigeria and find out the resorts and hotels to spend your Christmas in Nigeria any time you visit (Links: and


Finally, some say talk is cheap, so I have decided to start a campaign named the Nigeria Experience in partnership with Ghlic Digital Agency, and you are very much welcome to join this campaign if you have been to Nigeria before. You only need to do one (1) thing; click here to find out what is it: ( )

I just gave you a summary of my 365 days journey thus far. And I am really thankful for each step, I am also thankful to Prof. Dr. Wolfgang for the opportunity to share my short story with him and his readers.

I hope you enjoyed the read and got inspired.

I will see you at the campaign!



  1. Way to go TheFisayo! You’re easily one of the most consistent bloggers I know! Always something new to learn! Keep pushing! Thank you Sir, for the feature.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing my story!

    Merry Christmas in Adance 🎉🎉🎊

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