#Uganda’s ‘Mountainslayers’ – conquering one peak at a time


(Posted 05th January 2018)


Rebroadcast with permission of Mountainslayers:

As Nancy Sinatra sings,
These boots are made for walkin’
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

The days are coming when Mountain Slayers Uganda will walk all over West Nile. Come January, we shall head downstream the Nile to a region that for a long time has only been ‘that other corner of the map that is not Karamoja’. Join us on the majestic Mt. Wati and later on to cool off at the Miriadua Falls as we dust the boots off for yet another promising season.

The Slayer bus   will then cross to the other side of the Nile for an old favourite in Wanale ridge. A throwback to our first season, Wanale serves up many stories, some of which are the stuff of legend; from that most epic fail when a chivalrous gentleman tumbled into a stream with a lady on his back, to numerous dangerous falls on the slippery slopes and ensuing swear words. Memories will be relieved and new ones made on this one.

We shall then continue our push into unchartered territory when we head to Got Ngeta in Lira, a recent discovery for many about the cultural heritage of the Luo people. What exactly is this place about?

It is not an MSU season without a trip to the Virungas. And they don’t come more interesting than Mt. Sabinyo -the old man’s teeth. Its summit straddles the three countries Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC but Mountain Slayers Kenya will not require Visas when they join us for a first ever joint hike. Look out for the mountain gorillas on the slopes.

We shall catch a breather at the halfway point of the season when we make the short journey to trek from Mwiri hill to Kakira Sugar estate. This is one for good story telling sessions as these two places have a long history stretching back to colonial days.

Pian Upe game reserve will see us visit the north east for a close shave with the buffaloes and antelopes, and a taste of Karamoja. And what a tasty feast Karamoja served up in season 2!!

If you do not remember the Chimanimani ranges from your geography class, worry not. Neither do we. Tucked away somewhere in Zimbabwe (yes, we are now going SADC), nobody is sure how they showed up on our radar but we love them already, and so will you. Time to save up.

The penultimate hike of an already exciting season will up the tempo even higher when we go hiking on land and paddling canoes between the islands of L. Bunyonyi. The FOMO is real.

And finally, we shall close the season in style by heading to Kenya’s Aberdare range, a firm favourite of MSK, and then Hell’s Gate National Park. Miss this only if you must.

Are you ready, boots? Start walkin’!


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