News from ‘Further Down South’ – the first edition of 2018


(Posted 10th January 2018)

Courtesy of Gill Staden comes another edition of what I call ‘News From Further Down South‘ covering #Zambia, #Zimbabwe and the region beyond.
Enjoy the read:


Zambia’s road borders

Mazabuka Road to be fixed

Work on Zambia’s railways

The Northern Circuit

Island in Lake Tanganyika

More lion cubs for Liuwa

Zambia Carnivore’s work in Liuwa

Mukula log saga

Red locusts in Mumbwa

Chinese nationals in jail

Cholera in Zambia

Batoka Dam ESIA with ZRA

Solar powered bicycles as ambulances

Poachers arrested in Katima

New lodge in Vic Falls

Painted dogs in Hwange die from rabies

Pollution in the Deka River

More Elephants go to China

MAPP works over Christmas

Tourists mauled by crocodile in Matopos

Soisie the Aardwolf

Litter on the coast new Swakop

Fishing ban ignored along the Zambezi

Zambezi Annual Cultural Festival in Kasane

Prince Harry appointed president of African Parks

Just one video this time from Conservation Lower Zambezi:

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