Ethiopian Airlines signs deal for two B737-8 freighters


(Posted 11th January 2018)

Ethiopian Airlines expects to take delivery of two converted Boeing B737-800NG cargo aircraft by mid 2018 and early 2019, it was learned late yesterday.
The conversion from a passenger aircraft to a cargo aircraft will be done in Miami by a specialised company based there and both aircraft will then be leased to Ethiopian by GECAS, a global aviation leasing operator.
Ethiopian presently operates a fleet of presently six Boeing B777F’s and two Boeing B757F’s and the introduction of the B737-800, a more fuel efficient aircraft compared to the ageing B757’s will help the airline to further penetrate the African market with palletized cargo services on routes not warranting the use of wide bodied freighters.
Ethiopian Airlines at the Dubai Airshow last year also ordered a further four Boeing B777F’s to further cement their lead as Africa’s largest cargo operator.