#US tune down rhetoric of travel advisories on #Kenya


(Posted 11th January 2018)

The US Department of State has, following a string of failed anti travel advisories in the past, introduced a new four tier system of appraisals.
Kenya in the past bore the brunt of negative and often blatantly misdirected anti travel advisories, incurring the wrath of the tourism industry and the government but not preventing Americans from travelling to the country, last year in record numbers taking over the top spot of countries of origin for tourists visiting East Africa’s best known destination.
While warnings remain in place not to visit the border areas with Somalia – a country which ended up on the bottom of the rankings alongside South Sudan – has Kenya otherwise by and large been cleared and is now found in the second highest category, only outranked by Rwanda which ended in the top tier vis a vis travel advisories.
Uganda and Tanzania are also found in the second tier of the new system while Burundi, due to its continued political strife, has ended up in tier three, one above Somalia and South Sudan.
The State Department, when launching the new system, acknowledged that their past record of anti travel advisories was greatly flawed which led to many American travelers simply ignoring them, citing ‘misunderstandings‘ which is putting it very mildly as public opinion was much more outspoken.
At the height of US paranoia about Kenya came prohibition orders from their Embassy in Kenya not to travel to the coast, which were however lifted soon afterwards as ‘security concerns‘ proved to be misplaced.

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