The ‘Saint Ange Tourism Report’ is our … Volume 2 Edition 2


In this issue:- The Editorial this week speaks of the four branches of Government. The coming repayment of external debts by Seychelles. Tourism Arrival figures and transit passengers. Quote of the week is by President Nelson Mandela on facing challenges and encouraging Seychellois to invest. Stand Alone articles include:
1. VoyagesAfriq Magazine partners with the “Saint Ange Tourism Report’’ .
2. Villa Roscia of Seychelles receives their first accolade.
3. Commonwealth Conference of Speakers in Seychelles .
4. Re-Opening of the Supreme Court attracted Seychellois public and visitors to Victoria .
5. New visual identity for Indian Ocean Vanilla Island member: Reunion.
6. 5 affordable holidays for South Africans in 2018 – Seychelles on the list.
7. Hotel chain with 2 properties in Seychelles appoints new CEO .
8. Ocean floors sinking under weight of melting glaciers.
9. Hiking in Seychelles appears in top 5 links in Google search.
10. Seychellois invited to Ethiopia for the upcoming Epiphany celebration.
11. Africa says: Seychelles, experience another world.
12."The Local Linked in" – Breaking down the wall of connections.
13. International Newswires continue to republish our report.

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