#AirSeychelles honours long serving staff


(Posted 19th January 2018)

Air Seychelles earlier today hosted a special awards ceremony to recognise long-serving staff for their contribution to the airline.

A total of 70 staff, who have worked for the airline between 10 and 40 years, were presented with certificates of service during the celebration, which took place at the VIP Lounge in Seychelles International Airport.

The event gathered staff across the business, from cabin crew to pilots, technicians, mechanics, load controllers, lounge agents and other departments, who were joined by Jean Weeling-Lee, Chairman of Air Seychelles, Remco Althuis, Chief Executive Officer and senior management.

Mr Althuis said: “People are the backbone of any successful company, and this is particularly true at Air Seychelles, whose passionate and tight-knit staff are one of its strongest assets. I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate our staff for reaching important service milestones at Air Seychelles, some of whom have been with the airline from the very first year it was established in 1977. Their commitment and hard work throughout the years has enabled Air Seychelles to succeed and we are very grateful for their efforts.”

As the national airline, Air Seychelles has been a key employer in Seychelles since it took to the skies four decades ago, providing numerous avenues for Seychellois to pursue an exciting career in the aviation industry. More than 98% of staff at the airline are Seychellois.

Walter Uzice, an Aircraft Technician who joined the national airline in 1977, was one of three staff presented with an award for 40 years of service.

He said: “I feel proud to have been part of the incredible journey Air Seychelles has undertaken since it was launched. Over the years I have had a fantastic opportunity to learn and work on various aircraft, perform line maintenance and prepare our aircraft for flight. I have seen the development of our fleet first-hand and feel proud whenever one of our modern Airbuses touches down on Mahé. It has been a great experience.”

Magdalena Hubert, Manager Cabin Safety and Standards, as well as Felix Payet, Loading Coordinator, also celebrated 40 years of service yesterday.

The following people were awarded and congratulations go to them all for their long time service:

40 years of service 35 years of service 30 years of service
Walter Uzice

Felix Payet

Magdalena Hubert

Achille Telemaque

Kathleen Payet

Jacques Magnan

Joseph D’unienville

Lisette Wong

Vania Larue

Norma Otar

Vye Sinon

Ahmed Azemia

Patrick Beauchamp

Johnathan Dookley

Godfrey Richard

Marie-Helene Larue

25 years of service 20 years of service 15 years of service
Lynn Rosette

Jacqueline Victor

Nadia Labrosse

Rena Suzette

Lindsey Marengo

Richard Renaud

Derek Imaduwa

Lucina Tamboo

Terrence Vielle

Georgette Pointe

Karl Green

Mervin Sicobo

Nicole Chang-Leng

Kevin Nallatamby

Eric Larue

Dorina Victor

Wilven Jules

Vanessa Loizeau

Collin Marie

Roddy Simara

Jerina Cesar

Margaret Rangasamy

June Vadivello

Nathalie Oreddy

Tony Athanase

Keven Govinden

10 years of service
Christophe Suzette

Vincent Bibi

Emilie Louis-Marie

Sheila Edmond

Franky Constance

Marlon Ernesta

Flavienne Confiance

Sabry Khan

Keven Mirabeau

Jean-Paul Ponnoo

Dina William

Mariza Matombe

Michael Robert

Yudra Germain

Stephanie Nicholas

Kelly-Ann Confait

Drita Rose

Sarifa Hall

Prisca Figaro

Nelda Charles

Christine Henriette

Charlotte Fruncillo (Lepathy)

Tania Mellie

Isabelle Palmyre

Tony Moustache

Joanna Palmyre

Bethy-May Belle

Agnes Pouponneau

Emilie Allisop

Jose Adam