Just published: The Saint Ange Tourism Report, Volume 2 Edition 3


(Posted 22nd January 2018)

In this issue:

The Editorial this week speaks of Assumption Island of the Seychelles and the need to keep Military Bases out of the region. It also addresses the importance of Assumption Island for the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aldabra.
Quote of the week is seeking a refocus:- Winners focus on winning and the losers focus on winners.

Stand Alone articles include:
1. Oldest Denis Island resident turns 120.
2. Tourism Minister meets private sector trade on first hotel visit for 2018.
3. Sable D’Or Luxury Apartments; a local treasure .
4. East African Safari Classic Rally 2017 ends with two winners.
5. Katie Cassidy in Seychelles .
6. A new beginning for Kenya Airways.
7. Vanilla Island of Reunion increases visibility drive.
8. Avenir Holidays of Sri Lanka.
9. "Aguas Claras Charters".
10. La Digue Island Lodge upgrades.
11. For nations like Seychelles, new coral restoration technique may boost success.
12. Brand Africa and biodiversity focus of INVESTOUR in Madrid.
13. Kenya thank you.
14. International Newswires continue to republish our report.

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