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(Posted 24th January 2018)


Ethiopian Airlines to have 45% share in new Zambia Airways

Hook bridge repairs stopped

Elephant Epic on 23 June

Clean-up of Lake Itezhi Tezhi

Equipment for ZamParks for antipoaching

CLZ year’s roundup

Fishing ban on Zambezi at Lower Zam supported

A Window on Zambia – more information

Namibians complain about Sesheke-Livingstone road

New railway link between Zim and Zam

MAPP gets more nets and boats

Last member of the painted dog pack dies

Crocs pile into elephant carcass in Bots

Fish ban from Zam to Nam

Amazing pic of a boat carrying new cranes for Walvis Bay

Lions kill 172 goats in one rampage

New tech for monitoring wildlife

Kingpin Boonchai Bach arrested in Thailand

Some videos …

Gondwana Collection Namibia

A year after the petition against illegal fishing came into play, we took a look back to see how things have changed for the river systems in north-eastern Namibia.

Rangewide Conservation Program for Cheetah and Wild Dog

A heartwarming video clip of some African wild dog puppies at their den in Zimbabwe’s Savé Valley Conservancy . The denning season in southern African is usually about May/June to September and we can’t wait. Interestingly, a denning ‘season’ is not the norm in equatorial Africa, where packs can den at any time of the year.

Matusadona Anti Poaching Project – MAPP shared Marianne Pereira’s post.

There are not many people who would be able to do this but probably the safest thing to do when charged by an elephant.

Tom Varley Photography

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. C.S.Lewis

G: Thanks, Tom, for the inspiring music too …

A Window on Zambia

Kingdoms of Zambia found at the bottom of the Zambia page

Bird lists on park pages

New Kafue map

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