#RwandAir considering lease of another #Airbus #A330 for #China flights


(Posted 31st January 2018)


Suggestions have firmed up that RwandAir may opt to lease another Airbus A330 ahead of launching their flights to Guangzhou in China, which was reported here almost two weeks ago.
The airline’s CEO Col. Chance Ndagano, was quoted to have said that applications for the relevant permits to fly to Guangzhou have been filed with the authorities in China and that a third A330 would be leased to operate these services.
A similar situation will arise when later in the year RwandAir seeks to fly to New York, for one to have an aircraft available and perhaps more important, to get the mandatory Category One clearance from the FAA in the United States and other relevant approvals related to acceptance as last point of departure in the case of nonstop and direct flights.
These regulatory approvals needed for US flights, as was the case with Kenya, can take time and prevented Kenya Airways from announcing flights to the US, though planned for some time, until just a few weeks ago when the launch was confirmed for October this year.


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