10TO4 #TropicAir Mountain Bike Challenge Ante Portas …

Welcome to the 2018 Tropic Air 10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge! Schedule and Arrival Info…

Borana Race Village opens at 2.00PM on Thursday 8th February. Registration is open from Thursday 2-8pm, all dayFriday (6.30am onwards), and Saturday morning at the Kisima Horse Patrol START line (6.30-8.00AM). The Mini 10to4’s can register at any time, including Sunday morning (6.30AMonwards).

Entry List
All of the starting lists are available on the website from Saturday 3rd February. If your name is not on this list, please contact eventmanager immediately.

Pin-drops are available and/or reference the map below.

Bike drop
Please note the bike drop details, drop off locations and timeshere.

If you miss these cutoff points for any reason, you will not be able to use the service as the lorry or buses will have left.There will be no other transport available.

DAY 2 riders – Bikes to Timau turnoff by 5.00PM on Friday9th.
DAY 1 riders – Bikes to BRV Registration by 4.30PM on Friday9th.

ALL BIKE DROP RIDERS – Meet at REGISTRATION DESK at Borana Race Village at 5.00AM. Cars will be leaving at 5.15AMsharp. Latecomers will not be accommodated.

It’s not too late to raise some extra funds for the Mount Kenya Trust. Download your sponsorship form here. You can also raise money on VirginGiving here. If you raise over 10,000KSh you will be entered into a prize draw to win flights to the coast!

WaterThere will be NO water available at the Race Village for camping, apart from showers. Highlands drinking water will be available to buy from the bar. Please make sure you bring enough for your camp.

Race routes and topography maps can be found on the website here. If you would like KMZ files, please email:eventmanager.


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Thursday 8th February
2.00PM – 10to4 Borana Race Village Opens!
7.00PM – EXTREME race briefing @ Borana Race Village

Friday 9th February – DAY 1
7.00AM – EXTREME race briefing @ Borana Race Village
7.30AM – EXTREME race START @ Borana Race Village
8.00AM – ALTITUDE horse ride START @ Kisima Polo Ground
4.30PM – EXTREME bike drop closes @ Borana Race Village Registration Desk
5.00PM – Bike drop close @ Timau turnoff
8.00PM – Day 2 riders & runners briefing @ Borana Race Village

Saturday 10th February – DAY 2
5.00AM – Prearranged bike drop riders pickup @ Borana Race Village Registration Desk
6.00AM – CHASE race briefing @ Borana Race Village
6.30AM – CHASE START @ Borana
8.00AM – CLASSIC, RUSH & SLIDE race briefing @ Kisima Horse Patrol Team.
8.20AM – EXTREME START @ Kisima Horse Patrol Team.
8.25AM – CLASSIC & RUSH START @ Kisima Horse Patrol Team.
8.30AM – SLIDE START @ Kisima Horse Patrol Team.
3.30PM – PRIZE GIVING DAY 1 & DAY 2 EVENTS @ Borana Race Village

Sunday 11th February – DAY 3
7.15AM – MINI 10to4 race briefing @ Borana Race Village
8.00AM – MINI 10to4 (6-12yrs) START @ Borana Race Village
8.30AM – MINI TOTS 10to4 (4-6yrs) START @ Borana Race Village
11.00AM – PRIZE GIVING MINI 10to4 @ Borana Race Village

What are the cut off times?
Nearly all participants finish the race and only through multiple flat tyres or other unforeseen issues will a rider or runner need to pull out. Purely for safety, the EXTREME DAY 1 cut off is 4.00pm, CLASSIC DAY 2 is 12noon at the split point and CHASE DAY 2 is 8.30am at the split point. Most participants reach this point well before the cut off but if you don’t make it in time, you will simply be directed onto the shorter route or picked up by the sweeper car.

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