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Reunion Island | A Romantic Paradise

(Posted 09th February 2018)

Reunion Island is situated in the rushing currents of the Indian Ocean, waiting to be explored by romantics wanting to experience the ultimate destination. Situated only a short 4 – hour flight from Johannesburg with Air Austral or 12 hours from Europe, Reunion Island is easily accessible for South African travellers as there are no visa requirements as well as for those seeking to escape the European winter.

February is the month of love and presents the opportunity to take your partner on an adventure that will leave them breathless in more ways than one. Reunion Island boasts an array of unique geographic settings, along with towns and villages that can be explored by curious couples who want to indulge their senses in unique cultures present on the island.

From the vibrant ethos to breath-taking scenery, couples will get to experience a getaway unlike any other. Take a trip down to Saint Paul’s market over the weekend to taste some of the freshest fruit on the island, while breathing in the invigorating oceanic air carried over from the crashing waves. Spend the evening walking around the winding pathways of the local villages while moving your hips to the rhythms of Reunion Island maloya, as the songs of Creole artists fill the night sky with centuries of stories and historical events.

After an exciting evening out on the town, couples can leisurely start their day with a relaxing massage at any of the local beachside spas, before enjoying traditional cuisine while watching the sunrise over the surrounding ruggedly lush terrain. For the adventurous couple, the island has a vast variety of activities that will keep you occupied throughout your holiday. Take your partner’s hand as you embark the winding hiking trails that surround Cirque de Mafate or embrace the wilder side of life with a helicopter trip over the Piton de la Fournaise to see one of the most active basaltic volcanoes open to the public!

Reunion Island has something of everything, so if hiking and heights aren’t what you prefer then head down to the coast for a spectacular snorkelling excursion along the protected coral reef and immerse yourself in the cooling waters of the Indian Ocean. The coastline is home to a vast variety of marine species that will entice your senses with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and unique sightings. From below the crystal waters, you can take to the tumbling waves and enjoy a kitesurfing adventure that will get your adrenaline rushing and heart pulsing to the beat of the island, before settling along the shoreline with a Dodo beer or a rum punch and your partner by your side… After all, it’s all about the ultimate experience in the month of love.
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