Coastal Aviation announces end of Nairobi flights


(Posted 10th February 2018)


Coastal Aviation, Tanzania’s largest airline of its kind, yesterday announced the end of their flights connecting the Serengeti via Musoma to Nairobi and vice versa. They issues the following statement which is reproduced here for the benefit of readers.

Start quote:

As part of the operational review announced on the 20th of November we have been working in the past weeks to introduce efficiency and make adjustments to our flying safari network to best match our operational capabilities.

Despite having done our best to minimize the discomfort to the trade and to the passengers we knew, as we anticipated, that we could be forced to restrict some of our services.

Therefore we regret to announce the discontinuation of the following flights:

  • Nairobi NBO to Serengeti via Musoma (CQ271)
  • Serengeti to Nairobi NBO via Musoma (CQ272)
  • Kilimanjaro JRO to Manyara and Serengeti (CQ261), connecting with Safarilink from Nairobi WIL

As per our standards and policies you can remain reassured that every existing booking will be honoured, and we will accept further bookings on the dates when we are going to operate.

Further adjustments to the schedule will be announced in the course of next week. They will not include further route discontinuations.

A new schedule will be published accordingly.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we ask for your understanding.

End quote

You can contact Coastal Aviation by clicking on the following link or by visiting their website:

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