KAA finally invites tenders for second JKIA runway


(Posted 14th February 2018)

Following another runway closure a few days ago, albeit only for an hour, were at least three flights into Nairobi diverted and departures delayed during this time.
The incident however finally triggered some action from KAA which has subsequently posted tender invitation for the construction of a second runway.
Initially a part of the now shelved ‘Project Greenfield‘ and subsequent cancellation of the construction contract – a matter now under dispute in court – was the second runway a key element to improve the operational capacity of JKIA, where repeated closures of the runway over past years caused affected airlines massive losses.
The new runway, when eventually completed, is due to be 4.8 kilometres long and 75 metres wide, capable of handling the world’s largest aircraft, the Airbus A380 while at the same time providing the technical ability for instrument landing approaches during low visibility.
As reported here did the African Development Bank last year offer a 160 million US Dollar loan towards the construction of the new runway which was earlier on estimated to cost about 350 million US Dollars.
In a related development was it also confirmed that a low ranking KAA official dealing with the organization’s Twitter account blocked this correspondent without apparent authorisation from senior management and it now remains to be seen if any disciplinary steps are taken against the individual and Twitter contact will be restored.

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